Mathematics is taught from Nursery upwards within our school. It begins with the three main areas number, calculating and shape, space and measures. These are taught within the foundation stage curriculum via play, structured activities and child initiated learning.

Mathematics from Year 1 to 6 follows the National Curriculum where all three aspects of mathematics are taught – number, measurement and geometry. Within Cullercoats, we use a variety of teaching styles to engage the learning of all children.

We use a cross curricular approach where appropriate and aim to have an emphasis on outdoor learning using the local environment. Children are introduced to mental strategies and encouraged to make jottings before using more formal styles of recording their written calculations. There is an emphasis on using and applying the children’s knowledge and skills in order to apply them to the world around them. 
The early activities of the children in mathematics start from the known objects in their environment, which they involve in their play. Sets of objects are all around them. They sort and match them according to size, shape, colour and texture.
This leads to early concepts of quantity and measurement, the skill of counting and the awareness of pattern and shape and the use of appropriate mathematical language.The mathematics programme of study is taught in school  in order to help children develop a mastery of mathematics. In nursery and reception the early learning goals are further developed and appropriate elements of the mathematics curriculum are gradually introduced.
In Years 1 and 2 the basic knowledge, skills and understanding of number, measures and geometry are taught within the structure of the daily maths lesson. Children within Years 3-6 develop further their knowledge, skills and understanding of number, measures and geometry within a daily maths lesson.
All children are encouraged to tackle a problem with mental methods before using any other approach and to discuss, using a wide range of mathematical language, the methods and reasoning they have used. Work is pursued to develop a child’s rapid mental recall of number facts.