Art and Design

Our Art and Design experiences for children at Cullercoats are broad and varied. We encourage children to express themselves, explore new techniques, take creative risks and experiment with different media and techniques to create unique and individual artwork.

We also link these experiences to art history and the works of a range of artists worldwide to inspire and motivate our children’s creative thinking.

We host visiting artists in school and also visit galleries and exhibitions to see artwork on public display to encourage a life-long love and appreciation of art and the artist’s profession.

Our school provides lots of different art materials for children to use and new media are constantly added over time. Every child builds up a varied and personal collection of artwork each year in their own sketchbook, improving and refining their skills over time. Our after-school art club in Year 4 also allows all children of all abilities the opportunity to take part in informal art classes for their own enjoyment.

Colourful, high-quality displays provide a stimulating and aesthetically attractive school environment and reward the children’s artistic efforts to give them pride in their artwork and abilities.