Newsletter 250121

Dear Parent/Carer,


Spring Term

To say that the start of the Spring Term was a little fraught for all is an understatement as we were placed into yet another lockdown. A huge thank you for your patience as we have rolled out our Remote Learning and tried to iron out the technical issues that accompany such a task when using online/web-based platforms with such a variety of devices. I hope the next three weeks will see the ‘R’ rate reduce in our region sufficiently enough to allow all of our pupils to return to school as soon as it is safe to do so.


Government Advice – Stay at Home.

I cannot reiterate enough the Government advice that if you can keep your child at home then please do so. We are trying to keep our class numbers to a minimum to help support our vulnerable pupils and critical worker parents whilst also reducing the risk of transmission within school and the wider community.


Child care bubbles can be created with another household bubble a reminder of the guidance is below:


You might be able to form a childcare bubble to provide or receive childcare from one other household if you live with someone under the age of 14.


However, you must not meet socially with your childcare bubble, and must avoid seeing members of your childcare and support bubbles at the same time, unless otherwise permitted by gathering limits in your tier.



Covid – 19 

We are asking all parents to continue to keep school up- to –date with any tests and positive cases. If your child develops symptoms, please get a test as soon as possible and most importantly inform school of the result.


In the event of a positive test result:


Inform the school via our email


Please provide the following information:

Name of child

Class/year group

Date of the COVID-19 test

Does the child have symptoms? Yes or No

What date did the symptoms start?

What date did the child last attend school?

Does your child attend before or after school club?

It is very important that you provide this information so that the school can identify any close contacts that your son or daughter may have had in school during their infectious period. The school will then follow up close contacts and request that they isolate for 10 days to prevent further transmission of COVID-19.

Staff Testing to commence from Monday 25th January
Lateral flow tests (LFT) will be offered to staff from Monday 25th January 2021 and a test will be performed twice weekly. Please be aware that where a positive test result is indicated by a member of staff working within a class, the class will immediately isolate until the LFT is confirmed by a further PCR Test. This could be at very short notice and parents will be directed to keep their child at home and follow the remote learning plan.

School Crossing Patrol

We have been informed that due to Covid 19 pressures there is a reduction in School Crossing Patrol Officer availability. We are aware there will be no officer available on the Zebra crossing outside the North Gate entrance so please take care when crossing the road.


And finally,

On behalf of our school community, I would like to thank you all for your help and support with the challenging situation we are all finding ourselves in.

Stay safe, healthy and enjoy the weekend.


Gavin Storey